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End of Year Inventory

End of Year Inventory coming ?end of year

Call us… we’ll help you save time and manpower while being more accurate.
We have been doing it for over 20 years!

NO MANUAL DATA ENTRY required after the count.

NO PREPRINTED REPORTS required before the count.


When we leave your site, you will have all the data files. Plus we can help you integrate the data into your current accounting or ERP software, if required.

You can choose one of the following 3 ways to proceed:

  1. We can show up with the equipment and software and train your people to do the count.
  2. We can show up with a team of people and all the equipment and software and do the count for you.
  3. We can set up a system including software and equipment where you do the count whenever you wish.

paper stack

Pre-Printed paper reports and manual data entry NOT required (Old Method)

Motorola Scanner

Replaced by Data Collector (Motorola Scanner) No Paper Required and Automated Data Integration/Transfer

Case Study:
In a typical installation in a hardware distribution warehouse, the former manual system required about 12 persons including data entry staff plus an 18″ high stack of computer printouts to start. The physical inventory count of approximately 20,000 items required approximately 6 days.
The new system requires 7 people and 3 days to perform the same inventory – that’s a manpower/time a reduction of over 70%! The results were much more accurate, with no initial paperwork required and no manual data entry.
Your inventory data from your mainframe, PC, or manual system can be loaded into the our software on the PC. The count is made using the laser scanner and uploaded to the PC where the count is compared with the current (mainframe or PC) system inventory. The software shows discrepancies, prints discrepancy reports, allows another count/verification and can prepare a file of the final count which can be uploaded into your mainframe or PC program.
Our software is batch oriented can be modified to meet your


Inventory Brochure

specific needs. We program both the PC and data capture sides of the system and provide you with a turnkey solution including both software and data capture hardware. The quantity of portable data capture units required would depend on the time limitation to conduct the inventory and available staffing.
Special warehouse location and/or product ID labels can be provided to meet your needs.
Installation and training requires about one day on site.

 Whether you are using bar codes or not, we’ll either use your system or set you up!

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